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Our team have planned to conduct the experiments- ‘PRANIC FIELD’ and ‘ANTIGRAVITY PROJECT’ in the following years, so we warmly welcome all the interested  academicians and scientists for active collaboration.


Publishing great works

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Bijective Physics: Pure mirror of reality

This book is the great output of our team, 2018. It introduces the background of ;bijective methodology’ and its necessity in physics, ioncluding our attempts for ‘Unified field theory’.


The infinite history of NOW

This book developes the idea of Timeless space and provides a better foundation for ‘Bijective Physics’. 


Physics of truth

This is a great work, answering various fundamental questions of today’s natural and human sciences. It is dedicated to all researchers who dare to build a new scientific paradigm, which integrates ‘the truth’.


Our Research work- DVR now in Scientific Reports (Nature.com) …

In contemporary physics, the model of space–time as the fundamental arena of the universe is replaced
by some authors with the superfuid quantum vacuum. In a vacuum, time is not a fourth dimension
of space, it is merely the duration of the physical changes, i.e. motion in a vacuum. Mass–energy
equivalence has its origin in the variable density of the vacuum. Inertial mass and gravitational mass are
equal and both originate in the vacuum fuctuations from intergalactic space towards stellar objects.

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Integration of ‘Bio-field’ in Physics

“We have to enlarge 20th-century
scientific principle, which stated, only what can
be measured is real and so “scientific”. According
to Inner Engineering and Advanced Relativity,
only about 1% of reality can be measured, 99%
cannot be measured, one can only experience it.
This 99 % of reality we need to ingrate in daily
life in order to align with the cosmic order which
assures the survival of human species.”

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Upcoming Projects

The progress of physics is the reintroduction of the physical properties of timeless space, which is the fundamental arena of the universe. 

Experiment on ‘PRANA’

What we proposed in the article- UFT, we’re going to conduct the bio-field experiment, Scheduled to start in the month of january 2019, Slovenia

A book on UFT

It’s under process

Amrit Srecko Sorli
Santanu Kumar Patro &
Davide Fiscaletti

Integration of ‘Biofield’ in Physics

We’ve published our ground work of this project in Neuroquatology , 2018. And now we’re attempting for the complete integration of ‘Biofield’ into Physics. 


Researchers’ feedback

Each chapter of the book- Bijective Physics, is for me a pleasant discovery, the pairing between the theory and the univocal reality of what is proposed. I was struck with a model of reality of Hilbert. For me it is a compulsory reference book.

Dr. José Luis García Vigil

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

In the book-Bijective Physics, we’ve that the particle react with vacuum and the trajectory is a reaction of the particle with the vacuum. This idea gives an different image of quantum mechanics which is new and very important

Prof.Germano Resconi

Mathematical and Physical department, Catholic University via Trieste 17 Brescia Italy

This book and the Bijective Methodology fulfills the gap in the Photon and the Phonon Systems. Accordingly, it is a Great Breakthrough in the ‘Photonic and the Phononic Systems’, which need to have the Missing Bijective Systems at its core systems.

Dr.Harmandar Singh 

Independent Researcher in GUT, India

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Our Team

Bijective Physics is founded by Amrit Srecko Sorli and Santanu Kumar patro. Now this grand project is progressing exponentially, by introducing ‘time less physics’, together with Davide Fiscaletti.

Amrit Sorli


Bijective  Physics Institute [BPI]
 Gorenja Trebuša 79,
5280 Idrija,

Santanu Kumar Patro


Associate Researcher  at London Mathematical Society(LMS), & International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS)

Davide Fiscaletti


SpaceLife institute [SLI]
San Lorenzo in Campo, Italy

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