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Month: December 2018

making Physics better

A book on ‘Unified field theory based on BM’

Introduction The scientific thinking of 21st century needs rejuvenation, in order to embrace the entire existence. And for which, we need ‘bijective methodology’ in order to develop models which are 100% exact picture of reality. Standard model belongs to the history of physics and requires appropriate extensions in which the mathematical models of 4D space…
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Proposal for ‘PRANA’ experiment

The mass difference between alive and dead worms is about one million part of their mass. 10 grams of living worms mass loss at the time of death is 10 about 10 micrograms. We need balance which can measure mass difference of two test tubes with the mass about 100 gram on 0,1 microgram accuracy.…
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‘Prana’ Experiment

Phenomenon of ‘Biofield’ is still missing coherent scientific interpretation which we will present in this chapter. The ‘Biofield’ is composed out of 4D photons which are excitation of 4DSS. The ‘Biofield’ has not only 4D structure but also higher dimensional structures which we describe with higher dimensional Hilbert spaces. The ‘Biofield’ functioning is governed via…
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Bijective Physics: Pure mirror of Reality

Bijective Physics has two pillars: the reality and the observer. Mathematics is just the observer’s tool for building bijective models of reality This book may be purchased at here