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‘Prana’ Experiment

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‘Prana’ Experiment

Phenomenon of ‘Biofield’ is still missing coherent scientific interpretation which we will present in this chapter. The ‘Biofield’ is composed out of 4D photons which are excitation of 4DSS. The ‘Biofield’ has not only 4D structure but also higher dimensional structures which we describe with higher dimensional Hilbert spaces. The ‘Biofield’ functioning is governed via higher dimensional structures by consciousness itself.

Preliminary experiments confirm that ‘biofield’ as a subtle energy structure additionally
decreases energy density of space which causes that ‘living mass’ has more weight than the same ‘dead mass’ (Sorli, 2002). Preliminary experiments has been carried out at the Biotechnical faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia in June 1987. Measurements have been performed on a Mettler Zurich M5 scale. Six test-tubes were filled with three milliliters of a water solution made out of meat and sugar. Four test-tubes were used and a fungus was put into two of the test-tubes. All of test tubes were welded airtight. The weight
difference between test-tubes was measured for ten days. After three days of growth, the weight of test-tubes with the fungus increased (on average) 34 micrograms and in last seven days remains unchanged. The experiment was carried out in sterile circumstances. Here the biomass is increasing by incorporating nonliving substances and could be represented by the following equation:

In another experiment, two test-tubes were filled with 5 grams of Californian worms
with distilled water. All of the test-tubes were then welded airtight. The weight difference
between test-tubes was measured for 5 hours. At the end of the first hour there was no appreciable difference but at the end of the second and third hour there mass was decreased of 4.5 micrograms on average. This mass then remained stable for the next 2 hours most likely due to there no longer being any living organisms. This change in mass due to the change of organisms from a living condition to a nonliving one could be shown with the following equation:

These experiments were repeated from August to September of 1988 at the Faculty for Natural Science and Technology, Ljubljana. Two Mettler Zurich scales, type H20T were used in the measurements. A test-tube was filled with 70 grams of live Californian worms and a small testtube was filled with 0.25 ml of 36% water solution of formaldehyde. The control test tube is containing 70 ml of distilled water with a smal test tube of formaldehyde inside. Both the test tubes were welded, wiped clean with 70% ethanol, and put into the weighing chamber of the balance.

Approximately, one hour was allowed for acclimatization. Later both test-tubes were
measured three times at intervals of five minutes. Then the test tubes were turned upside down to spill the solution of formaldehyde and again they were measured seven times at intervals of fifteen minutes. The weight of the test-tube with the worms was found to have increased in the first minutes after the poisoning on average for an average weight of 60 micrograms and it then went down. Fifteen minutes after poisoning, the weight diminished on average by 93.6 micrograms.

Mass increases and mass diminishing by 70 grams of Californian worms

This last experiment was repeated twelve times. The standard deviation goes to 16 micrograms. The pressure in both test tubes was one atmosphere for the entire duration of the experiment as well as the temperature remaining unchanged. Neither the pressure nor the temperature could have been the cause for the change in the weight Experiments are preliminary and need t be repeated at least in two different laboratories. We do not encourage researchers to use higher developed animals in this experiment.

In 1997, Sorli has published the results of the experiments in the ‘Newsletter’ nr. 18-19 of Monterey Institute for Study of Alternative Healing Arts, California. On March 3rd 1998, Dr. Shiuji Inomata from Japan informed the editor (S. Savva) that Dr. Kaoru Kavada got similar results using rats as the experimental organism, again in a closed system.

The ‘Biofield’ is made out of 4DSS energy which results as the minimal increase of the living mass. When biofield falls apart the mass is getting less. Bio-field is more subtle energy as the ordinary electromagnetic energy we know, however, it has measurable mass.

Slawinski research confirms at the dead time bio-photon emission is increased by 10-100
times (Slawinski, 2002). At the time of death biofield emanates bio-photon emission, the rest dissolves back into the 4DSS super-fluid.
living mass = dead mass + biophoton emission +
dissolution back into 4DSS (25).

Repetition of this experiment will give more data regarding the hypothesis that increased biophoton emission is related to unexplainable phenomena at the time of death: “Considering the results from few recent scientific investigations, here we propose that specific mechanisms involving biophoton emission could probably be related to unexplainable phenomenon surrounding the moment of death” (Shashi,
2016). In this article we present that these “unexplainable phenomenon” is the separating of bio-field structure from the physical body which results as the minimal diminishing of mass.



The repetition of the prana experiment with the worms is in course. We are getting the same result as back in 1987-90. The experiment is carried on Mettler-Toledo mass comparator AX107H.  The final result we will have in the next months. Preprint article is published in Researchgate.net:

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