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Proposal for ‘PRANA’ experiment

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Proposal for ‘PRANA’ experiment

The mass difference between alive and dead worms is about one million part of their
mass. 10 grams of living worms mass loss at the time of death is 10 about 10 micrograms. We need balance which can measure mass difference of two test tubes with the mass about 100 gram on 0,1 microgram accuracy. “Mettler–Toledo Mass comparator AX107H” would be the best balance for this experiment.

Mettler–Toledo Mass comparator AX107H http://lab.mt.com/ax107h/

We put in both test tubes around 20 grams of worms, little bit of water and capsule with
arsenic powder. Test tubes must be airtight. We put test tubes on the balance and we measure mass difference for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we kill worms in left test tube with arsenic powder which is in the capsule. The capsule got melted by water in about 15 minutes. Expected is increase of the mass of left test tube in first minutes after poisoning for about 15 micrograms. After 15 minutes the mass of left test tube will decrease for about 20 micrograms regarding the mass before poisoning. We measure the difference between test tubes for next 15 minutes. 30 minutes after first poisoning we poison worms in right test tube. In about 30 minutes water will melt the capsule. The same result is expected. 15 minutes after second poisoning the mass difference Dm between test tubes should be the same as before first poisoning which shows horizontal line in the diagram below.

Expected mass difference between alive and dead worms

At the time of death, worms are moving a bit and this could minimally increase the temperature of the test tube which means lower condensation of the air humidity on the surface of the test tube and so diminishing of its mass. This atmospheric factor was measured 30 years ago on 0,1 degree Celsius precisely. Also by repeating the experiment, we will control this factor by measuring the temperature of both test tube at the beginning of the experiment, after the poisoning, and after 45 minutes from the beginning of the experiment. The temperature of the test tube should be exactly the same in all three measurements. The air pressure inside test tubes was also measured 30 years ago and remains the same after poisoning. It cannot influence mass of the test tube. There are no other factors which could influence mass of test tubes. The only physical factor of mass difference is the difference in mass between living and the same dead organism caused by the presence of biofield in living organism and its absence in the same dead organism.


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