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Latest Book Project

Relativity Reborn is one of the most important research projects of Bijective Physics Institute.  In classical Relativity, time is the 4th dimension of space and space is “empty” deprived of all physical properties. Space has only geometrical shape, it is curved. In Relativity, Reborn space and time are happily divorced. Time has only a mathematical…
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Dynamic Vacuum Relativity- Published in Nature

Our Recent Work is published in SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Nature.com Abstract In contemporary physics, the model of space–time as the fundamental arena of the universe is replaced by some authors with the superfuid quantum vacuum. In a vacuum, time is not a fourth dimension of space, it is merely the duration of the physical changes, i.e.…
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Maya of God Particle: Shiva Physics-I

For more than 100 years physics is building the models in which reality is squeezed in different unnatural forms. The result of this “forced” methodology is that we are now discovering things which do not exist. It is time to rebuild physics accordingly to the shapes of reality.  Bijective physics is using bijective research methodology…
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Higgs mechanism and its place in Physics

Higgs mechanism is a dead branch of Physics. We’ve been developed ‘Advanced Relativity’ and ‘ Quantum Relativity’.

Popper’s demolition of Higgs

Amrit Srecko Sorli, FOPI, Founder Karl Popper said: “A theory should be considered scientific if, and only if, it is falsifiable” (1). A scientific statement is one that could possibly be proven wrong. Such a statement is said to be falsifiable. The falsifiable statement always remains tentative and open to the….

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Dear Researcher/Scientist We know you’re an actual physicist. You’ve the right prospective of vision towards the development of Physics in its real way. It’s our immense pleasure to welcome you as our research fellow, in this regard. We would be very happy, if you just send a mail to us. If you’ve any query regarding…
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A book on ‘Unified field theory based on BM’

Introduction The scientific thinking of 21st century needs rejuvenation, in order to embrace the entire existence. And for which, we need ‘bijective methodology’ in order to develop models which are 100% exact picture of reality. Standard model belongs to the history of physics and requires appropriate extensions in which the mathematical models of 4D space…
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Proposal for ‘PRANA’ experiment

The mass difference between alive and dead worms is about one million part of their mass. 10 grams of living worms mass loss at the time of death is 10 about 10 micrograms. We need balance which can measure mass difference of two test tubes with the mass about 100 gram on 0,1 microgram accuracy.…
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‘Prana’ Experiment

Phenomenon of ‘Biofield’ is still missing coherent scientific interpretation which we will present in this chapter. The ‘Biofield’ is composed out of 4D photons which are excitation of 4DSS. The ‘Biofield’ has not only 4D structure but also higher dimensional structures which we describe with higher dimensional Hilbert spaces. The ‘Biofield’ functioning is governed via…
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Bijective Physics: Pure mirror of Reality

Bijective Physics has two pillars: the reality and the observer. Mathematics is just the observer’s tool for building bijective models of reality This book may be purchased at here