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making Physics better

Prof. Manuel Malaver de la Fuente

Holding the position of Full professor at Maritime University in carribean, he has an excellent publon profile as an active reviewer & editor in various good scientific journals in Physics and Applied Mathematics. His name is in the top five physicist in Venezuela. His various valuable researches says more about his academic potential and research experience. Recently, he is nominated to the Breakthrough Prize of Fundamental Physics of the Caribbean and the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the Armed forces.  His recent research interest is on Bijective Physics theory and its proper applications.

Honorary Researcher at BPG, 2019

Dr. Hamed Daei Kasmaei

Having a great insight in mathematical research, he has managed the position of Senior researcher at ROSHANGARAN SAHAR ACCOUNTING COMPANY. He has lots of mathematical papers into his credit, with so many scientific memberships. Apart from his sound academic background, he is holding the position of HR Executive manager at HAMED ELECTRONIC JAHAN CO. JOINT STOCK. He said, ‘it can be a next step to look into quantum physics based on this type of study (Bijective Methodology) for other branches of physics.Although, the boundaries of physics are really wide, but it can be generalized to analyze other concepts of physics that has been studied in theoretical aspect without any kind of experimental justification ‘.

Email: ham.daeikasmaei@iauctb.ac.ir

Dr Hamed Daei Kasmaei
Researcher & Experimental specialist at BPG, 2019

This theory has made great steps into making a common structure between concepts of physics and fundamental aspects of mathematics.