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making Physics better


‘God Particle’ Funeral:Bijective Physics

Maya of ‘God Particle’: Shiva Physics

Bijective physics: Pure mirror of reality

The Infinite History of NOW

Physics of Truth

Advanced Relativity: Unification of matter, space, mind, and consciousness

Bijective Physics:analysis of physical equations and physical models


Einstein’s dreams fulfilled


Bijective Analysis of Physical equations & Physical models

Euclidean matrics of space, particle physics and cosmology

Experimental research in Conscious research

Minkowski space time and Einstein’s Now conundrum

Advanced Relativity:
Multidimensionality of Consciousness and
Mind, Origin of Life, Psi Phenomena

Advanced Relativity:
Reintroduction of Absolute Frame of Reference

Advanced Relativity for the Renaissance of
Cosmology and Evolution of Life

The Epistemological Crisis in Modern Physics

Advanced Relativity:
Unification of Space, Matter and Consciousness

Unified Field Theory
Based on Bijective Methodology

On the 3-dimensional Quantum vacuum

Bijective analysis of symmetry in Physics (Preprint)

Dynamic Quantum vacuum & Relativity

On the Quantum Relativity

Space-time curvature of GR & energy density of a 3D Quantum vacuum

The symmetrized Quantum potential & space as a directinformation medium

How many models of time do we need in Physics