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Extension of ‘Mass-energy’ Equivalence Principle onto Super-fluid quantum vacuum


According to the Mass-energy equivalence, principle mass can be transformed into energy and energy can be transformed into mass. In the last decade, we have a new view in physics which introduces super-fluid quantum vacuum as the fundamental arena of the universe. The super-fluid quantum vacuum is the physical origin of the universal space. Mass and energy of a given physical object are related to the super-fluid quantum vacuum accordingly to the extended “mass-energy equivalence” principle, which means that energy density of vacuum in a given physical object is diminished exactly for the amount of its energy.


Experiment on ‘Prana’

T he mass difference between alive and dead worms is about one million part of their
mass. 10 grams of living worms mass loss at the time of death is 10 about 10 micrograms. We need balance which can measure mass difference of two test tubes with the mass about 100 gram on 0,1 microgram accuracy. “Mettler–Toledo Mass comparator AX107H” would be the best balance for this experiment.


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